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Varadero Beach Hop on Hop off Bus

Varadero Beach Tour

Varadero Hop on Hop off bus

The most comfortable way to see all Varadero for only 5CUC.

Your full day ride ticket will cost you 5CUC and this will give you unlimited travel on the Double Decker buses that run the full length of Varadero. Some hints for users;

– Despite what some might tell you, your ticket is good on all the double decker Varadero Beach Tour buses regardless of colour. There are two different colour schemes however both are owned by the same company.

– A lesser known feature is the Matanzas Bus Tour which is operated by the same company (most bus transportation is run by transtur) This bus makes 4 round trips per day from Varadero to Matanzas, starting at the end of Varadero and stopping at all the regular Beach Tour stops, if you take this bus to Matanzas for 10CUC your ticket will also be good for the rest of the day on the Beach Tour Buses. Also if you have a Beach Tour ticket and a smaller, unmarked bus pulls up while you are waiting, he may be offering to pick up up on your Beach Tour ticket so don’t wave him away.

– When you are waiting for a bus make sure you know which way it is going. At some stops (Iberostar Laguna Azul for one) the stops are the same for going both ways on the Peninsula, also at some stops (Plaza Las Americas) there are two different stops, one for heading into Varadero and one for heading away, make sure you get the right one.

– If you are missing your bus, try waving the driver down, most of the time in my experience the will stop for you,

– If you want to get off, start making your way to the front door well before your stop, the buses don’t stop at every stop if there is no one waiting.

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