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Day 4 – Van Gogh, Heineken and Canal Cruise

Karen, Katie and Tom at the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Karen, Katie and Tom at the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Filling our plan of ensuring that our budding artist gets as much art exposure as possible, we begin our morning (after sleeping in late) at museum No. 2, the Van Gogh Museum. Unfortunately, the constant drizzle of rain combined with cool unpleasant temperatures means that everyone else has the same idea. Fortunately, our “I AMsterdam” Card helps us into a faster moving line and so before long we are inside, and what an inside. The collection of Van Gogh works is spectacular, and for all members of this family who love his work as much as we do not even a 3rd day of rain can dampen our enthusiasm. Unfortunately, the Van Gogh is very strict about photography inside the museum so I can’t share any photos of the magnificent exhibit, however, They have a very good website with images of most of the collection. One of the most interesting observations we have made at the museums, has been how, people seem to ignore so many wonderful works of art, walking past them if they are not works by Van Gogh, then standing 4 or 5 deep at the small image on the wall, simply because of the name on the canvas.

Our next stop was the Rijksmuseum, housing what is said to be an outstanding collection of Dutch history and art. Having just re-opened last year, after having been closed for the past 10 years for renovations, we were anxious to see the results, unfortunately, at 4pm it was suggested that since the museum closed at 5pm we should come back another day. So after some discussion, it was decided that we should try the Heineken Experience, the fact that it was inside out of the rain having a lot to do with the decision. A wonderful multimedia display took us through the history of Heineken Breweries, who are today a major world brewer with brands that include; Amstel, Brand, Sol, Deperados and of course Heineken. As we near the end of the exhibit, Tom decides to take the training as a “Heineken Certified Pourer” and receives the certificate to prove it. Unfortunately, during the tour large glass walls kept Karen from visiting up close and personal with the Heineken horses.

After our tour of the brewery and enjoying a few glasses of product, we are off on a free cruise through the canals to the Heineken Brand store to receive our free gift and (they hope) spend some monies on Heineken products.

NL-Day 4-Rijsttafel01Med

To finish our day we decide to make tonight our visit to a Rijsttafel (Rice Table) this Indonesian meal is said to be a historic pleasure brought to the Netherlands during the days of the East India Company when, Holland was one of the worlds most powerful nations. An assortment of items including pork, chicken, beef, vegetables and of course rice make for a wonderful finish to the evening.

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