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Day 3 Amsterdam – Markets and Museums

NL-Day3-Stedelijk_Museum 01

KT arrived at Schiphol without any problems or troubles and we immediately headed out for the Albert Cuyp Market to purchase needed groceries, shoes for KT and K, and other necessities. Unfortunately, it we had only made it home to drop off packages when the rain arrived, again. After some planning and discussions, we headed off for the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art. With one of the great collection of modern art, said to rival the MoMA we spent hours on a rainy afternoon enjoying the spectacular and thought provoking works of many great artists.
NL-Day3-Stedelijk_Museum 04

After spending some hours at the Stedelijk, we decided to head back to the apartment for some much needed sleep (for KT) and food (for all) in order to recharge before heading back out for the evening touring the canals and the red light district.

On our way into the “Red Light District” we discovered (the term came across, just doesn’t seem appropriate here) this unique little shop. Their window showed that with World Cup Fever gripping this country, orange really is everywhere.

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