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Day 16 – July 20 Traveling north

Today was mostly uneventful travelling. After an early morning start, cleaning up the seaside apartment kindly loaned to us by Pol’s cousin, we pointed the car towards Antwerp to drop Pol off at home so he could start getting ready for his trip in 2 days to Malta. Tom did have some last minute stops in the center of Antwerp in order to replace his Belgium t-shirt and a final stop for Belgium Frites. First stop were the frites, at a shop that claimed to be Frituur No1. Sadly, its frites were nowhere near as good as those we have written about in Amsterdam at Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx. In fact I would say that McDonalds fries are better and I don’t think McDonalds are fit to eat.

Answer disappointing part to our visit was to see the Antwerp City Hall flying flags from all over the world, including Israel, but not Canada. Since we were just returning from a visit to Normandy and Juno Beach this was especially disappointing.

The only good part to the hour in Antwerp besides my finding a new shirt, was Karen and Pol discovering the lights changing over the parking spots.

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